Week 11 Update

When I was talking with my husband about the idea of blogging about my marathon journey, he was very supportive but made a point of encouraging me to be honest in my blog posts.  He encouraged me to include the good, the bad, and the ugly; the highs and lows; the good days and the dark days.  It’s been very easy to be honest about the highs—the feelings of accomplishment, conquering extreme conditions, and the success of checking off the boxes on my training program each week.  Turns out it’s a little tougher to be honest when the tide turns and the going gets tough.  I struggle with wanting to come across as positive, upbeat, and strong, and that makes being honest about a week like Week 11 really hard.

The hip pain that I’ve mentioned in previous posts has continued to increase and after last week’s 15-miler, it got to the point where it was bothering me pretty much all the time.  I skipped Tuesday’s 4 mile run, hoping that I would then be able to run Wednesday’s 8-miler.  I got up at 4:30 to get ready for Deb to come by at 5:30 so we could get 8 miles in before work.  For the first time ever in our training her alarm didn’t go off, so we decided to each run 4 miles on our own and then do the 8-miler the next day.  I set out for 4 and had terrible hip pain each time my right foot hit the ground from the very first step.  I struggled through the first mile until it became completely unbearable.  In tears I surrendered and walked a bit, hoping I could resume running and finish.  I did a walk/run/hobble thing for 2.5 miles as I wrestled with the reality at hand.  It seemed that my marathon dream was in jeopardy.   It didn’t feel like a pain that was going to go away anytime soon.

After that I decided to skip the 8-miler we had moved to the next day in hopes that somehow I would be able to recover enough for the weekend’s 16 miler that we had been planing for months, since pretty much the day we registered for the marathon.  We were going to go to NYC to run 16 miles around the perimeter of Manhattan with Eileen, Deb’s life-long friend, who was training for a 50k (yes, a 50k!  That’s 31 miles!).  I spent the rest of the week deep in denial, still holding onto my marathon dream.  Deb and I headed out early Saturday morning so we could go to IKEA on our way to Eileen’s and as I painfully wandered through IKEA, I finally faced the reality I was going to have to sit out the next morning’s long run and finally got up the courage to say it out loud to Deb.

Deb and Eileen had a great run around Manhattan, pausing only long enough to get pictures with Lady Liberty in the background, while I got myself from Eileen’s apartment in Harlem to a Starbucks on 3rd Avenue where I awaited their triumphant finish.

Things aren’t looking very hopeful at this point but I’m still not quite ready to make a final call on the marathon.  I plan to take one more week of complete rest and see if anything changes before I make my final decision.  Stay tuned…

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Week 9 and 10 Recap

Week 9                                                                         Week 10
Tuesday                                      3 miles                      Tuesday                           3 miles
Wednesday                                7 miles                      Wednesday                     7 miles
Thursday                                    4 miles                      Thursday                         0 miles
Saturday                                     10 miles                    Saturday                         15 miles
Weekly Total                             24 miles                    Weekly Total                 25 miles

Training Total                        170.5 miles                  Training Total          195.5 miles

With all of this running it’s hard to keep up with the writing and I’ve now fallen several weeks behind on the updates.  The other thing I have failed to mention so far  is that just after I committed to this marathon, my husband and I decided to get our 75-year-old house ready to put on the market.  I do not recommend attempting two all-consuming events at the same time, especially if you have hopes of keeping up a blog on either of them. Continue reading

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Week 8 Recap (and a waffle recipe)

Tuesday                                 0 miles (sick kids)
Wednesday                           6 miles
Thursday                               3 miles
Saturday                               13 miles
Weekly Total                       22 miles

Training Total                    146.5 miles


Finally!  I’ve finally found my perfect pre-run food…waffles with almond butter and jelly!  I’ve been struggling for weeks now with eating too much, too little, or just the wrong thing before my longer morning runs and am so happy that I have found something that works for me.  I had been trying to choke down peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before runs but it always felt like such a struggle.  I’ve been playing around with a whole wheat waffle recipe for a few weeks now and finally got it to where I love it!  It’s based on a King Arthur Flour Whole Wheat Waffle recipe I found a while back.  You can find the original recipe here.    Continue reading

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Week 7 Recap

Tuesday:                    3 miles
Wednesday:              6 miles
Thursday:                  3 miles
Saturday:                  12 miles
Weekly Total:           24 miles

Training Total:        123.5 miles

Week 7 was pretty monumental in the fact that I crossed the 100 mile mark (after finishing last week at 99.5 miles)!  I would have crossed it last week but I had missed one 3 mile run a couple weeks back due to strep throat and one 3-miler became a 1.5-miler due to severe winter weather that was just too much to endure that day.  Given the weather and the sicknesses in my house all winter, I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve only missed 4.5 miles so far.  (Although I don’t think Deb has missed even one mile!)


Saturday’s 12-mile run was one of the best and most encouraging runs to date.  The sun was shining and it was 35 degrees when Deb and I set out!  We chatted away the miles and ran along without incident until I tripped over a dog.  Yes, you read that right… I tripped over a dog on our run.  We were 6 or 7 miles in and were running through the high school campus.  I saw a girl with a little dog way off to our right, but I didn’t see the little dog dart away from its owner, cut around behind us, and bolt right between my feet.  I was caught completely by surprise and thrown off balance but somehow managed to stay upright, which is a really good thing because if I had gone down I think I would have stayed down!  The rest of the run was pretty uneventful and we finished strong, even adding in a hill at the end just for fun!

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Week 6 Recap and a Giveaway

Tuesday                           3 miles
Wednesday                     5 miles
Thursday                         3 miles
Sunday                             7 miles
Weekly Total                  18 miles

Training Total                99.5 miles

PicMonkey Collage2

Having done a few runs recently in 30 degree temperatures, Wednesday morning’s 16 degrees was a rude awakening.  We were back to neck warmers, thick hats, hands tucked up inside the sleeves even with gloves one, and more layers than I hoped I’d ever have to wear again.  Kind of crazy that this winter has made me think of 30 degrees as warm! Continue reading

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Week 5 Recap (and a smoothie recipe!)

Monday                         3 miles
Wednesday                   5 miles
Thursday                      0 miles (sidelined with strep throat)
Sunday                         10 miles
Weekly Total               18 miles

Training Total             81.5

IMG_0684 This week things got serious, as evidenced by the fact that I am now ordering GU by the case. I will admit that seeing double digit mileage on the training schedule was more than a little daunting.  Up to this point the distances all seemed manageable and reasonable, and were distances that I had run many times in the past.  I’ve only run 10 miles four times in my life, and the last time was over 8 months ago, so this one looming on the schedule was making me nervous. Continue reading

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Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude (Guest Post)

As I was here in upstate NY continuing to battle the polar vortex that is this winter, Deb jumped ship and spent 10 days running and playing in Hawaii.  I’ve asked her to write a guest post for the blog so we can all get a much needed dose of paradise.  Here’s her account…


As my Adventure Twin (AT) Jen was quick to point out in a previous post,  I am turning 50 in a few months and as part of that rite of passage I decided to run my first (and only) marathon in Lake Placid in June.  Another perk to turning 50 was my sister Marjorie’s early birthday present to me…a plane ticket to join her and her husband and daughter in Hawaii for Spring Break for 10 days! Continue reading

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Week 3 Recap

Tuesday:                  3 miles
Wednesday:            4 miles
Friday:                     3 miles
Saturday:                 5 miles
Weekly Total:       15 miles

Training Total:           46 milesFoamRoller-001

This week I got reacquainted with an old friend—the foam roller!  In my years as a physical therapist, I used the foam roller quite often when working with my patients.  I would have them use it in various ways for core strengthening and stability, as well as for working sore and tight muscles.  During the fall, my husband was training for a half marathon and was having some hamstring pain and tightness that was affecting his stride.  So, for his birthday in October I gave him a truly wonderful and romantic birthday present—his very own foam roller!  Now I think I owe him another birthday present because I seem to have adopted this one as my very own. Continue reading

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